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Abraham's Faithful Servant

By Linda Sue Pochodzay Edwards

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[sick boy]

           "See you in the morning!" Danny said to his best friend, Rick, as he walked out of the room and gently closed the door. The two boys lived next door to each other for as long as they could remember. They had gone to school and church together and were nearly inseparable.

           Since Rick had gotten sick, Danny had been bringing his homework assignments to him every afternoon and picking up the finished work the next morning. Every day Rick looked forward to the visit. He knew he could count on Danny to cheer him up and help him get his mind off his sickness, and every day Danny looked forward to being with Rick. There was nothing he wouldn't do for his very best friend.

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           Abraham had lived a long life and the Lord had richly blessed him with land, flocks, herds, maids, and servants - everything a man could possibly want. However, he had one concern that deeply troubled him: His son, Isaac, was not yet married.

God had promised he would become a great nation

That was a great problem for Abraham, because God had promised that he would have many grandchildren and great-grandchildren and they would become a great nation. Since Isaac was the only son of his beloved wife, Sarah, it was extremely important to him that he be married so that the promise of the Lord would be fulfilled.

Abraham called for his most trusted servant Eliezer Abraham called for his most trusted servant, Eliezer, and talked this problem over with him. "Please promise me that you will go back to my country and my people and bring back a young lady to marry my son Isaac. I don't want him to marry any of the young ladies around here because they worship idols and are not godly."

           Eliezer was not only an important servant in Abraham's household; he had been with Abraham so long that they considered one another as friends. Eliezer didn't want to disappoint Abraham in any way.

Eliezer thought it over very carefully before making a promise Eliezer thought it over very carefully before making a promise to his beloved friend. "What if I can't find a woman that is willing to leave her family and come here to live?" he asked. "Should I take Isaac back to your old home town to live among her people?"

           Abraham didn't have to think very long about that question. He had a ready answer. "No. If you can't find a woman willing to move here, then you are released from the promise," Abraham replied. "God called me many years ago to leave my home country and follow him. This land, the land of Canaan, is where he led me. God promised to bless my family and children here. Isaac must not return to the country from which I came."

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           Eliezer made the promise to Abraham that he would do his very best to find a bride for Isaac. Abraham trusted Eliezer so much that he had put him in charge of everything he owned. Eliezer was free to take whatever he felt was necessary. Nothing was kept from him.

           Eliezer cherished that trust and thought carefully about what he might need. He chose ten of Abraham's very best camels and loaded them with supplies for the trip. He also packed several expensive gifts to give to the young lady he would be bringing back with him. After carefully looking over everything one last time, he climbed up on the lead camel and started his journey to the city of Nahor which was in the country of Mesopotamia. The other nine camels were following closely behind.

           After traveling quite a distance, Eliezer reached the country of Mesopotamia. Even though he was hot, tired and hungry, he kept the camels clomp, clomp, clomping along, knowing that he would soon reach the city of Nahor.

Eliezer kneeled down right outside in the open and he prayedWe might think that after traveling such a long way on those hot, dusty roads, on top of a lumpy, humpy, bumpy, uncomfortable camel, most people would want to go straight into the city to find a place to cool off, get something good to eat, and then rest. But that was not the case with Eliezer. None of those things even entered his mind.

           Eliezer took this mission very seriously and wanted to be sure to do it properly. As soon as Eliezer reached the gates of the city, he did something that most people would find to be very strange. He got off the camels and made them kneel down. Then he kneeled down right outside in the open . . . and he prayed.

           "O Lord God of my master Abraham, please let this be a successful journey. It's just about time for the young ladies to come to the well to get water. I won't know any of these girls. I won't know which one would make a good wife for Isaac. So this is what I will do. I will ask one of them for a drink of water. Please show me which one is the right one by having her say, 'Yes, I will give you a drink, and will also give your camels water to drink.' This way I will know which young lady you have chosen to be Isaac's wife."

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Eliezer noticed one particular young woman Just as Eliezer finished his prayer and stood up, the young ladies from the city of Nahor came to the well. This was their time to enjoy one another's company. They were talking and laughing and didn't even notice the stranger standing nearby. Eliezer carefully looked at each one. "This is really important. I surely do hope I choose the right one," he thought to himself. "But I prayed and I know God will help me."

           Eliezer noticed one particular young woman. He approached her saying, "I have traveled a long way and am thirsty. May I please have a drink?"

I will give you a drink and I will also give all your camels
water to
drink She smiled gently and replied, "Yes, I will give you a drink, and I will also give all your camels water to drink." She quickly filled her pitcher with water and gave it to Eliezer. When he had finished, she filled the pitcher, then poured the water into a bucket and gave it to the lead camel. She then went back to the well and refilled the pitcher for the next camel. She repeated this over and over until all ten of the camels had enough water to drink.

           Even though the Lord had answered his prayer and the response of this young lady was exactly the way he had prayed, Eliezer stood watching her and wondering,"Could this really be the one? She is the first one I approached. How can I be absolutely sure?"

All the camels were finally finished drinking When all the camels were finally finished drinking, Eliezer reached into a pouch and took out a beautiful golden earring and two lovely golden bracelets and gave them to the young lady as a thank you gift. He then asked her name and asked if her father might have an extra room at his house so he could spend the night.

           "My name is Rebekah and I am the daughter of Bethuel. Nahor is my grandfather." Eliezer paid close attention to every word, as Rebekah continued. "We have plenty of room at our house, and you don't even need to worry about the camels. We have plenty of straw and food for them."

           Eliezer bowed his head and worshipped the Lord right there at the well, because his prayer had been answered. God led him exactly where he needed to be. From talking with Abraham, he had heard of Bethuel and Nahor. He knew this was the right family, and from Rebekah's actions of patiently giving water to all ten of his camels, he knew for certain that she was the right young lady to take home to be a bride for Abraham's son, Isaac. God made sure that everything worked just perfectly in answer to his Eliezer's prayer.

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Pray! God answers prayer.


"Evening, and morning, and at noon, will I pray" (Psalm 55:17).


Dog and boy praying

Dear God, thank You that we can learn
important lessons from Your Word, the Bible.
Help us to remember to pray and trust You
with important matters throughout our lives.
In Jesus' Name. Amen.


Genesis 24:1-27


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