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Children's Chapel has been providing free Bible stories and activities since the beginning of the web. We have never charged visitors for the resources we provide.

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Free Online Resources for Children's Ministry

Children Evangelism Fellowship free TV ages 4-14

Children's sermons

Love Packages - Sunday school materials to Bible Schools, churches, missionaries and individuals overseas (Formerly ELHM)

57 Cents

Free Bible story images new

Free Bible story lessons for teachers and parents

Free Lesson Plans for Teachers

Stories of Great Christians new

Sunday school songs

Tel-A-Story - Child Evangelism Fellowship's weekly story script

Text and RealAudio children's devotionals by Children's Bible Hour

The Bible Poem - memorize the books of the Bible and their content

Public School Resources

FREE Videos and Films

FREE, online Creation/Evolution Resources

What is legally permissible for students in America's public schools?

Puppet Ministry


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Find books by author, title, ISBN, subject

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