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Child of Promise

By Linda Sue Pochodzay Edwards

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Holding baby brother

Charlie was jumping up and down anxiously. This is the day he had been waiting for SOOOO long. "May I hold him? PLEASE? Can I? Can I? I want to hold the baby."

Dad reached down and patted him on his head and told him to sit in the big chair. Mom placed his new baby brother carefully into his arms. Charlie looked at the baby's little hands and counted all his tiny fingers. As he held the baby tenderly, he thought about how great it was to be a big brother.

Assortment of baby toys

Abraham was a man who loved God very much. He enjoyed praying to God and talked to Him every day. He did his best to obey God. In turn, God was pleased with Abraham. God blessed Abraham by giving him lots of land. In fact -- God had told Abraham to look in every direction as far as he could see, and all that land would be his. God blessed Abraham with large flocks of sheep and herds of cattle. He blessed Abraham with many servants to help care for the land and the animals. God blessed Abraham so much that he became the wealthiest man in the world at that time.

BUT...there was one thing Abraham wanted more than anything else in the WHOLE world . . . .

. . . Abraham wanted his wife, Sarah, to have a SON.

God tells Abraham to look up at the stars and see if he can count them He was remembering the night when God spoke to him saying, "Abraham! Look up at the stars and see if you can count them."

Abraham looked up, but, of course, it was impossible for him to count all the stars. There were so many all over the sky. There was no way they could all be counted!

Then God said, "Your descendants will be like the stars. There will be so many, they will not be able to be counted."

THAT had been a wonderful promise, and Abraham BELIEVED that it would happen, because GOD SAID IT WOULD. But that promise had been made SOOOOOO long ago. "WHEN would it ever happen?" he wondered.

Baby rattle and blocksBaby rattle and blocksBaby rattle and blocks

The Lord appeared to Abraham promising that He would have a son He remembered the time he laughed. The Lord appeared to him promising that he and Sarah, his wife, would have a child, and he would be the father of many nations, and some of his descendants would even be KINGS.

He laughed because Sarah was already NINETY YEARS OLD, which was MUCH too old be having a baby! It was such joyful news that he HAD to laugh! Again he wondered, "We are even older now than we were then. WHEN will it ever happen?"

Assortment of baby toys

Abraham remembered the time he laughed He also remembered the time not too long ago, when the visitors arrived at his tent, telling him again that Sarah would have a son. That time it was SARAH who laughed, because she just couldn't believe she would ever have a baby, especially at HER age.

Baby rattle and blocksBaby rattle and blocksBaby rattle and blocks

Abraham and Sarah often discussed how wonderful it would be to have a son. Sarah spent a lot of time making warm blankets and snuggly baby clothes. Abraham had one of his servants make a little cradle. They were overcome with happiness and excitement as they planned and prepared for the arrival of their new baby.

A cute little baby boy was born to Abraham and Sarah

It happened JUST AS GOD HAD PROMISED. A cute little baby boy was born to Abraham and Sarah. Abraham named the baby Isaac, which means laughter. The baby brought much joy and laughter to Abraham and Sarah. They loved baby Isaac very, very much. They were so happy that God had kept His promise.

Assortment of baby toys


What did Abraham want more than anything else?
What did God tell Abraham to count?
How many descendants did God promise to Abraham?
Why did Sarah think she would never have a baby?
What did Abraham name the baby?
What does the name "Isaac" mean?


God always keeps His promises.


" . . . in thee shall all families of the earth be blessed" (Genesis 12:3).


Dog and boy praying

Dear God, thank You for all the promises You've given
to us in your Word, the Bible. Help us to remember
that even though something may seem impossible,
nothing is too hard for You, and You will always
keep Your promises.
In Jesus' Name. Amen.

Genesis 21:1-8


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