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I Wa-a-a-nt!

by Linda Sue Pochodzay Edwards

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"I want the doll with the hair that grows, and the clothes that go with her,

rollerblades and new roller blades,

and the phone that really talks

and a Cinderella video, and perfume

and new pajamas . . .

. . . OH, YEAH. . .

new dollhouse I want the car, and the studio, and the house for the doll,

and a new purse,

and . . . "

"WAIT A MINUTE!   You need to let me tell what I want!"

Royalty free cartoon clip art of a happy boy riding a brand new bike by andy nortnik "I want a zoom car race track, and a 12-speed bike, and a monster truck,

and the talking aliens space station

and a ping-pong table,

and a big trampoline,

and a super-hero costume,

and a Mega-Millions Game,

and . . ."

HEY!  You didn't let me finish. I want . . .

Oh, my! It seems as if this could go on all day! This is the way it is in the Smith household. Every time a new catalog or sales ad comes in the mail, the children gather around and pick and choose all the things they think they want.

What do you think happens when they receive some of these things?
Do you think they appreciate what they receive?
Do you think they are happy?
How long will that happiness last?

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tent Achan and his family lived in a tent. Yes, that might sound strange to you, because your family and the people you know probably live in houses or apartment buildings. But living in tents was quite common for Achan and his friends.

Achan had everything he needed.

He had his tent-home.
He had a flock of sheep for wool to make clothing.
He had herds of cattle for milk and meat.
He had a wife and children that loved him.
Achan should have been very happy.
But he wasn't.

Achan -- wanted -- more.

One day Achan saw some very lovely things. Here is what he saw:

a beautiful robe from Babylon

a beautiful robe from Babylon

a piece of gold

a piece of gold

silver coinssilver coinssilver coins

and some silver coins.

Achan thought I sure would like to have all that As he looked at those items, he thought, "I sure would like to have all that. My clothes are made from sheep's wool. That robe from Babylon is much nicer than the clothing I have. It would look so good on me. And if I had that gold and those silver coins, why, I could buy anything I want."

Achan thought it all over in his mind. The more he thought about it, the better it sounded. The new robe and all that money was just too good to pass up. He couldn't just leave it there. After all, if he didn't take it, someone else would come along and take it, right? He finally made his decision. Achan picked up the gold and the silver coins and put them in a safe place, then he carefully placed the expensive robe over his shoulder so it would not get dirty or wrinkled. Achan was so happy as he journeyed home. He almost couldn't believe his good fortune.

Achan digs a hole After Achan got home with his treasures, he began to think more about what he had done. He thought, "None of my friends have a robe like this one. It is so special that if I wear it, they will wonder where I got it. I can't tell them I found it and stole it." Then he thought about the gold and the silver. "If I take this gold to the market and try to buy new things, people will wonder how I got the gold. Only the rich people have gold and I am not rich. I can't use the silver either, because it is not from my country, and they will know that I have stolen it. What can I do now?"

Achan began to dig a hole. He dug a deep hole in the ground under his tent. In that hole, he buried the robe, the gold, and the silver. "Ah, that takes care of that!" he thought. "It is all under the ground, and no one will ever know what I have done."

Problem is, Achan forgot about God. Achan forgot that God sees everything and knows what he did. In the end, Achan had to be punished for the sin he committed.

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"Let your conversation be without covetousness;
and be content with such things as ye have" (Hebrews 13:5a).


Dog and boy praying

Dear God, thank You for all the good things You have
given us, such as our family, home, clothing, and food.
Help us learn to be happy with what we have and not to be
tempted to steal in order to get the things we think
we want. Let us remember that You are always watching
over us, and help us to only do those things that
will be pleasing to You. In Jesus' Name. Amen.

Joshua 7:19-26


Copyright © 2016 by Linda Sue Pochodzay Edwards

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birds singing

A Song To Sing

Jehovah Noticed: to the tune of "Jesus loves me"

Achan took a wedge of gold,
Silver and a robe we're told
Buried them inside his tent
About his business then he went.

Jehovah noticed
Jehovah noticed
Jehovah noticed
That Achan stole the gold.

When we steal or disobey,
Lie or fight or fail to pray,
Someone knows just what we do,
where we are, and why, too.

Jehovah noticed
Jehovah noticed
Jehovah noticed
He sees all that we do.

The lyrics to this song were improvised by Kim Dailey - treat lyrics as public domain.

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