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Help the Children's Chapel webmaster compile a super list of online Christian resources for children (up to age 12). Please be sure there are absolutely no offensive links on submitted web pages.

  1. To submit a resource, send your information to kids-resources @

  2. Please copy and paste the following format into your e-mail submission:

Resource Title:
Web address:
Brief description (25 words or less):
Select at least one category for each submission:
(1) Activities
(2) Audio files
(3) Books
(4) Dramas
(5) E-Cards
(6) Educational
(7) Games
(8) Homework Helpers
(9) Magazines
(10) Ministries
(11) Music
(12) Pen-Pals
(13) Plays
(14) Radio
(15) Resource directories
(16) Software
(17) Stories
(18) Toys
(19) Tracts
(20) T.V.
(21) Videos
(22) Other:___________

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