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This castle is in Switzerland, where my dad comes from.

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A Story I Wrote - Angie's Verse

My Poems!

Look unto Jesus

When you are going through trouble,
and you don't know what to do,
look on to Jesus,
and he will see you through.

When life starts to get tough,
and you think, no, no! This is enough!
Your hopes all crumbled and torn,
and your all tired and worn,
remember the Lord.
He had to wear thorns.

When you've lost all your friends,
possessions, wealth, and trends,
your wealth, well being, and when your friends,
your very best friends, start to turn against you,
look unto Jesus, your savior, your redeemer and Lord.
And he will make you whole.

And all nations will proclaim, Jesus is Lord!
The redeemer! King of kings, and Lord of Lords!!

By Rosemarie Haas


The Report

Oh, Mommy! Oh, Mommy!
I made a report!

Then won't you please read it to me?

Of course! Of course!
I'll start with Sunday and me.

What do I wear on Sunday?
I wear my Sunday dress.
What do I wear on Monday?
I wear my Monday vest.
What do I wear on Tuesday?
I wear my necklace.
What do I wear on Wednesday?
I wear my Wednesday best.
What do I wear on Thursday?
I wear my best pressed dressed.
What do I wear on Friday?
I wear my guests best dress.
What do I wear on Saturday?
I wear my least best dress.

That's very good, my darling child.
I am very proud of you.
And now are you through?

Oh, yes! Yes! Yes!
And I'm very happy too!

By Rosemarie Haas


My Lovable Puppy and Me!

My lovable puppy and me,
walk around with glee,
to see the birds,
the trees, and the evergreen.
We walk around through gardens and shrubs,
that no one has ever seen.
My lovable puppy and me
will explore forevermore.
My Lovable Puppy and Me.

By Rosemarie Haas

Author's note: This poem was inspired by a full-grown, male cocker spaniel named Peanuts.


The Merry Seasons

Spring — the days of joyous planting,
Summer — the days of gallivanting,
Fall — the days of wind and snow,
Winter — the days of ice and cold.

By Rosemarie Haas


The Holiday Seasons

Spring — Jesus' death and resurrection,
Summer — independence, liberty,
Fall — thanks to the Lord of creation,
Winter — Jesus' birth and New Years eve.

By Rosemarie Haas

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