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Baptized in the Red Sea
by Sophia Prinsloo with Barbara Wilmerton Haas

There were walls of water on both sides of the path and the wind blew so hard it dried up the seabed so that the Israelites could go through on dry land

Text Version | Afrikaans

Bathtub RSA Twin brothers Dillon and William were all sweaty and dirty from playing football with their friends in the park, darting back and forth underneath the streetlights. They had scratches all over their arms and legs from tackling one another with gusto. When they got home, Mom took one look at them and said, “Straight to the bath, guys! Get into the water and clean up. Otherwise, all those bruises will get infected from the sweaty filth on your skin.”

Dillon knew it was going to sting, but he trusted his mom's advice and went straight to the bath, opened the taps, put his dirty clothes in the laundry bin and took the plunge. OUCH! The bruises hurt, but he knew he was doing the right thing. He washed with soap and treated his wounds with some antiseptic ointment his mom had given them.

William, on the other hand, was so tired, he ignored his mom, skipped the bath and went straight to bed. That night he dreamed of thousands of germs chasing him, jumping on him and munching on his skin.

“WHAAAAAH!” he yelled, waking himself from sleep by rubbing his body, arms and legs in a frenzy.

Dad came running to his room. “What's wrong, son?”

“Dad, I had a terrible dream about germs, crawling all over and eating my skin,” William sobbed.

Dad looked at him curiously and said, “Son, did you bathe after playing outside with Dillon and your friends, like Mom asked you to?”

“No, Dad,” he confessed, “I did not think it was important.”

“You'd better go to the bathroom right now and take a bath. Afterwards I'll help you put antiseptic ointment on your bruises. Then the bruises won't become septic and the germs won't eat your skin and poison your body.”

William immediately went for an urgently needed bath. After he was all clean and his wounds disinfected, and tucked back into bed, Dad told the boys a story….

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The children of Israel had never before walked that far in their lives Escaping Egypt, the children of Israel had never before walked that far in their lives. Their surroundings were all strange and new to them. They were not afraid they would get lost because the Lord their God was supernaturally leading them with the pillar of cloud during day and the pillar of fire at night.

While they were still at Etham, the Lord spoke to Moses and said, “Tell the people to go to Pi-hahiroth. It is on the shore of the Red Sea. I want to set a trap for Pharaoh and all his armies because, for one last time, I want to show them just how mighty I AM.”

The children of Israel obeyed and traveled through a narrow valley between mountains, towards the shore of the Red Sea. In the meantime back in Egypt, there was CONSTERNATION in Pharaoh's palace. It was already THREE DAYS since the Israelites had left Egypt in a massive exodus, kicking up an enormous cloud of dust.

Are you sure the Israelite slaves are traveling further and further away from Egypt “WHAT?” Pharaoh yelled angrily at his spies, his veins popping out on his forehead. “Are you sure the Israelite slaves are traveling further and further away from Egypt? Are you sure they are not coming back?”

“Yes, your Majesty,” the spies replied with ashen faces, quite scared at what Pharaoh might do to them in his rage.

“What have we done letting them go?” Pharaoh kept on raving. “First they got slack in their work, then they robbed us of our wealth, and NOW who's going to build my tomb, as well as my dead son's tomb in the pyramids? And what about the city that isn't finished yet? We have made such a HUGE mistake!” If only Pharaoh had hair, he would have pulled it all out in utter frustration.

“But, your Majesty,” one of the spies fearfully replied.

[Interrupting:] “WHAT?” Pharaoh demanded.

We MUST chase after them and return them to Egypt immediately “Your Majesty, they are heading for Pi-hahiroth. Those foolish slaves don't know it yet, but they'll be trapped there between the sea and the mountains. It will be the perfect place for our mighty cavalry to easily surround and capture them.”

Hearing that important piece of information, Pharaoh's evil eyes twinkled at the thought. “Good! Then, we MUST chase after them and return them to Egypt immediately!” He looked at his army generals, nodding at him in agreement, and he ordered them to action. “Go, get ready the 600 special elite chariot corps and horses and the other chariots driven by officers as well. We'll show THEM who's boss!”

In his rage, Pharaoh forgot all about the ten plagues and the losses Egypt suffered because of his pride and stubbornness, but all the while it was the Lord hardening his heart for the last time.

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There is a cloud of dust in the distance coming towards us As the Israelites came near the shore, a watchman suddenly sounded the alarm: “There is a cloud of dust in the distance coming towards us!” He paused. “OH, NO! There are chariots approaching! It must be Egyptian soldiers coming for us! UH-OH! It looks like Pharaoh's entire cavalry!”

Suddenly chaos and wailing spread like wildfire through the Israelite camp because they did not fully trust God. “We're TRAPPPED! Crazy, bloodthirsty Egyptians are going to CRUSH us! We are all DOOMED! Help, oh, Lord God! PLEASE, HELP US!”

In their unbelief, the people hysterically accused Moses for their predicament and in their hearts, they returned to Egypt saying, “Moses, it's all your fault! You didn't listen to us when we wanted to stay in Egypt! Why do you want us to get killed? Oh, how we wished we were back in Egypt! Being slaves is far better than being dead meat in the wilderness. We can't even defend ourselves because we have no weapons!”

The Lord is with us and today you will see the Lord protect you Moses tried to calm them down. “People, don't be afraid. Stay calm! The Lord is with us and today you will see the Lord protect you, fight for you and rescue you. You'll NEVER see those Egyptians again!”

Then the Lord said to Moses, “Moses, stop praying! Now is the time for action! Have faith and lift up your rod, stretch it out towards the Red Sea and I will open a pathway through the water. The Israelites will walk through the sea on dry land.”

The Egyptians were fast approaching in their mobile chariots but the Lord protected the Israelites by moving the pillar of cloud between them and the Egyptians so that the Egyptians could not find the Israelites. The sun was setting and, on the Israelite side, the pillar of cloud changed into a spectacular pillar of fire, giving them light, but, on the Egyptian side, there was darkness.

The wind blew so hard it dried up the seabed so that the Israelites could go through on dry land In the meantime, Moses obeyed the Lord and stretched out his rod towards the Red Sea. Suddenly a strong east wind started to blow. Miraculously, the Red Sea began to part right in front of their eyes, making a pathway right through the water. They had never seen anything like it. There were walls of water on both sides of the path, and the wind blew so hard it dried up the seabed so that the Israelites could go through on dry land. In fact, the wind blew all night long.

“Forward, MARCH!” Moses commanded. In amazement, with their robes flapping in the wind, the Israelites began walking across the dry seabed. The salty smell of the sea air filled their nostrils and the pillar of fire provided light for them to see.

“Watch where you step,” the mothers warned their children. “Those sharp corals can cut your feet open. And don't put anything you pick up in your mouths!”

The children were amazed and excited by what they saw. The seabed was a seashell treasury but there wasn't much time to pick them up because they had to hurry. Glancing at the walls of water, now and again, they spotted some fish and other sea creatures. It was almost like the first aquarium ever, filling them with wonder.

Their chariot wheels started to fall off and the chariots scraped their bottoms behind the horses The Israelites walked right through the night. At first light, the Egyptians saw the pathway through the sea and thought, “Wow! If the children of Israel can walk through to the other side, so can we. In fact, we'll do it better than them by riding our chariots through the dry seabed.”

So, the Egyptian cavalry chased after the Israelites, catching up to them. But then the Lord looked down on them and began to harass them. Their chariot wheels started to fall off and the chariots scraped their bottoms behind the horses, across the dry seabed. Some of them bumped against the rocky coral and capsized, flinging the soldiers out, onto the seabed.

Fear gripped the Egyptian soldiers and they shouted, “Let's get OUT of here! Remember the Ten Plagues? The Lord is fighting for the Israelites!” But they couldn't move because all the chariots and horses were stuck smack in the middle of the sea.

When the all the Israelites were safely on the other side, the Lord said to Moses, “Stretch out your hand over the sea again.”

Their bodies washed up on the seashore for all the Israelites to see As soon as Moses obeyed, the walls of water came crashing down. The Egyptians tried to flee but, instead, they sank like lead in the mighty waters, and all Pharaoh's chariots and horsemen drowned in the sea. Of all those chasing the Israelites, not one survived. Their bodies washed up on the seashore for all the Israelites to see.

When the Israelites saw the bodies of Pharaoh's soldiers, they were filled with awe and respect for God and his servant Moses and they believed in them. God was true to his Word about protecting and rescuing the Israelites because that was the last time they ever saw the Egyptians.

Joy sprang up in their hearts and souls, causing Moses to teach the Israelites a joyful song. They sang God's praises, singing about the awesome display of God's power they had all witnessed when He protected and saved them from the Egyptians and from death. Miriam, the prophetess, who was Moses' sister, took up her tambourine and led the women in joyful dances as they sang together:

Miriam took up her tambourine and led the women in joyful dances as they sang together “I will sing to the Lord, for he has triumphed gloriously;

He has thrown both horse and rider into the sea.

The Lord is my strength, my song, and my salvation.

He is my God and I will praise Him.”

“What a story!” Dillon and William said in wonder.

Dad smiled and said, “Guys, Mom is a wise woman and you should trust her advice, as well as mine, but, most of all, you need to trust God and also have faith in Him. You see, germs make us sick in our bodies, and sin makes us sick in our souls, just as the Egyptians wanted to keep the Israelites in slavery. But just like God made a way for the Israelites through the Red Sea, to get rid of the Egyptians, God made a way for us to get rid of sin. That is by faith in his Son, Jesus Christ, Who died for our sins on the cross. We cannot see faith but we can show our faith in Jesus to everyone, by being baptized in water, just as the Israelites went through the Red Sea.”

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When you feel trapped by sin or circumstances, trust the Lord for help and He will deliver you.


1. Why did Pharaoh want the Israelites to return to Egypt?
2. How did God overthrow the plans of Pharaoh and his elite chariot corps?
3. Do you think the Lord was judging the Egyptians for their bad treatment of the Israelites?
4. Did the Israelites trust the Lord or did they wail and complain?
5. Who was mightier, the Egyptians or God?
6. Which man trusted God completely? Why did he trust God?
7. Who taught the Israelites a joyful song?
8. What did Miriam do?


“The Lord is my strength and song, and he is become my salvation” (Exodus 15:2a).


“And Moses said unto the people, Fear ye not, stand still, and see the salvation of the Lord, which he will shew to you to day” (Exodus 14:13a).


Have you ever had a problem that made you feel like you were pushed into a corner with no way to escape? Did that happen to you at home or at school? What did you do? Did you blame God and fight against Him like the Egyptians did? Or, like the Israelites, did you become fearful and doubt God could help you? Or did you trust God, like Moses, cry out to Him for help, and do what He instructed? Whose example would you like to follow? The Egyptians’, the Israelites’ or Moses’ example?

[After discussion:] Remember, when you have a problem and feel your faith is weak, you can ask someone who knows God to help you, like the Israelites asked Moses. God also wants you to go to Him in prayer yourself, but you must do that with a trusting heart that’s ready to obey Him just like Moses.

Let’s take a moment and ask God to forgive us for blaming or doubting Him when we felt trapped by sin or found ourselves in difficult situations. Let’s ask God to help us trust Him in everything and surround us with wise people who know God and can help us in time of need. Let’s thank God in advance for the help He is sure to send our way.


Dog and boy praying

Heavenly Father, thank You for saving and protecting us.
Forgive us for the times we've blamed or doubted You.
Help us to always trust You, especially in those times
when we feel trapped by sin or some difficult situation.
Surround us with wise people. Give us thankful hearts.
In Jesus' Name. Amen.


Exodus 14:1-15:27



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